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Biographie How to Choose the Best Cooler - Quick Buying Guide

Ice coolers are perfect companions for outdoor trips. However, picking the right one can be a task in itself as there is an advent of options available on the market. Each manufacturer claims to be the best, which might confuse you.

While reading best ice cooler reviews can give you some ideas on which models you can choose, this buying guide will walk you through some essential criteria to look at so you can pick the one that fits your needs. So let’s take a look!

1. Types of coolers

  • Soft coolers

As the name suggests, soft-sided coolers are those constructed with softer materials. In almost all cases, the exterior is made of fabric or vinyl. They are usually smaller in size; thus, their capacity is also more limited than their hard-sided siblings. If you’re keen on portability, then a soft cooler should be your ideal option.

In terms of insulating power, they are not as good as their hard-sided counterparts. However, when it comes to storage space, they excel thanks to their compact size. If you’re looking for a cooler for personal use to take to the beach or an afternoon picnic with one or two friends, then they are a great choice.

  • Hard coolers

Many hard coolers have earned spots on lists of the Best Coolers For Camping on the market. These coolers are rotomolded; thus, they can keep your perishables cold from five days to a week. Also, they come in different shapes and sizes to cover a wide range of customers’ needs.

You can get small-sized models of 20L or big-sized ones of up to 300L. Even though most hard-sided ice chests are bulky and heavy, there are a few tiny ones, and some also have wheels. Camping enthusiasts or beachgoers now have a wide range of hard coolers from which to choose.

2. Cooler construction

Before clicking the purchase button, understanding how the best cooler is built will help you make a well-informed decision. Traditional coolers are made from thick layers of foam. How good the insulation of your coolers will largely depend on the thickness of this foam.

More new coolers are made by rotational molding technique (rotomolding). The rotomolding process includes heating the plastic until it is molten, then using air pressure to form it into the shape of a mold.

Once it’s cooled, it’s removed from the mold. This manufacturing process creates a single piece of plastic, increasing insulation prowess. The rotomolding technique keeps cold inside and heat outside as there are no gaps between different layers of plastic.

3. The way a latch works

Pay attention to the material of your coolers' latch, as it decides the ease of use of your cooler. While some latches are made from plastic, others are made from rubber. Plastic latches can be pressed or pulled to operate, whereas rubber latches are usually stretched down to open and close.

If you usually go on trips with the kids, then we would recommend you to pick those with plastic latches as they’re easy to use. Rubber latches require a bit more strength, and sometimes you need two hands to operate them.

The bottom line

The best cooler on the market should keep your refreshments in good condition. Insulation, weight, price, ease of use are all essential elements that shoppers need to consider carefully before deciding on a purchase. We hope our above buying guide has helped you to choose the right cooler. Click “share” if you like this post, and feel free to leave us your comments below.


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